Practice Development

ABS Radiation Oncology Alternative Payment Model Task Force: Quality Measures & Metrics for Brachytherapy

Presented by: Chirag Shah, MD

Building a Brachytherapy Practice: Why is it So Hard?

Presented by: Peter Orio, DO

Physician Burnout

Presented by: Mira Keyes, MD and Brian Moran, MD

Overcoming Obstacles to your Brachytherapy Practice: Practice Tips to Optimize your Practice

Presented by:  Manuj Agarwal, MD, Kristin Bradley, MD, Juanita Crook, MD, Michael Folkert, MD, Ph.D., Anne Klopp, MD, Ph.D., Daniel Petereit, MD, Pete Rossi, MD, and Neil Taunk, MD

Live by the Pixel, Die by the Pixel: Brachytherapy Joins the Battle 

Presented by: Peter Orio, DO

Meet the “UFO”: A 3D-Printable “Universally Friendly Obturator” Designed to Decrease the Invasiveness of Interstitial GYN Brachytherapy



The Role of Brachytherapy During COVID-19