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The Benefits of Belonging to ABS!

Joining the ABS offers radiation oncologists, medical physicists, dosimetrists and other health care providers access to colleagues for networking, research updates, and annual continuing education in the many subspecialty areas of brachytherapy (GYN, prostate, breast). Membership also includes:

  • 300 in 10: our goal is to train 30 competent brachytherapists per year over the next 10 years through a multifaceted approach
  • Patient Outreach – Coming in March 2024 - Find a doctor by name, specialty, and location
  • Monthly webinars on cutting-edge topics
  • 2024 World Congress of Brachytherapy | Knowledge Without Borders: Empowering Local Brachytherapy Through Global Collaboration
  • GYN School of Brachytherapy | The Ultimate Personalized Medicine. A Hands-On Workshop for Brachytherapists, Nurses, and Physicists Working Together 
  • New and improved website with an extensive resource library coming in March 2024
  • Develop and promote standards of education in brachytherapy through our annual meeting and Schools
  • Support directly to market awareness campaigns highlighting the effectiveness of brachytherapy as part of the treatment course of many different types of cancer
  • Improve Radiation Oncology reimbursement services for patients and providers
  • Negotiate with CMS to advocate for fair payments for brachytherapy
  • Address medical events and quality assurance issues for practitioners by keeping members up-to-date on current regulations
  • Enhance and facilitate international learning experiences by networking and communicating with other brachytherapy societies around the world
  • Brachytherapy Journal


Membership Type

Active Member: $335
Active regular members shall be licensed medical doctors, physicists or radiation biologists, who are in active practice and/or research

Associate Member: $125
Associate members shall be licensed nurses, dosimetrists, technicians/technologists/therapists active in the field of Brachytherapy

Associate New Member: $50
As part of our DEI initiative, the ABS is offering first time nurses, dosimetrists, radiation therapists a one-time discounted membership rate

First-Year Post Residency: $110
First Year Post Residency membership time frame is valid for 1 year post-residency

Resident: Free
Resident members shall be residents in training (PGY 1 – PGY 5)

Commercial: $500