consensus statements

Approval Process of Consensus Statements

The ABS Consensus Statements aim to provide ABS members with updated information and guidelines on standard brachytherapy management. Below are the detailed descriptions of the Consensus Guideline submission process:

  1. Consensus Guideline Proposal Submission by ABS Members:
    1. The Submitter will fill out the intake form to submit the proposal of Consensus Statements.
    2. The Standard, Quality, and Safety Council Co-Chairs will conduct an initial review of the proposal to ensure all required elements are included.
    3. The Standard, Quality, and Safety Council will review the proposal on a quarterly basis.
    4. Once the Standard, Quality, and Safety Council approves, the proposal will be forwarded to the ABS BOD for final approval.
    5. If the submitter plans to submit the Consensus Guideline to a journal other than Brachytherapy journal, the targeted journal should be listed in the intake form for the ABS BOD’s consideration and approval.
  2. Topic Selection and Author Assignment by the ABS Board of Directors (BOD):
    1. The ABS BOD can choose the topic and select both senior and junior authors for the proposal of a new or updated Consensus Statement.
    2. All authors participating in the consensus statements must be ABS members.
    3. An intake form should be submitted as the Consensus Statement proposal initiation process.
  3. Authorship Recommendation:
    1. The ABS strongly encourages the involvement of junior authors.
    2. Authors from other specialties may contribute and are not required to be ABS members.
    3. The senior author must provide a list of publications and have published on the topic of interest within the last 5 years.
    4. Keeping a maximum of 10 authors for the Consensus Statement is recommended.
  4. Document Completion and Publication Consideration:
    1. The final document should be completed within 6 months after the approval of the proposal.
    2. For publications in the Journal of Brachytherapy or other targeted journals:
      1. The completed document will be peer-reviewed by the Co-Chairs of the Standard, Quality, and Safety Council, along with two additional council members. Following that, it will be submitted for final review and approval by the ABS BOD.
      2. After the ABS BOD's review and approval, the document will go through the respected journal review process.

Please use the intake form below to submit your proposal and consensus document. For questions,  please contact Elizabeth Kidd or Jessica Huang

Intake Form

Please e-mail us if you have any questions about the new approval process. The goal is to create a transparent process to maximize the engagement of ABS members.

Read the Current Consensus Statements:

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