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ABS Code of Ethics and Conduct


The purpose of the American Brachytherapy Society Code of Ethics and conduct is to ensure that all members have the ethical obligations to adhere to rules when communicating and interacting with patients and colleagues in the field of brachytherapy, and in the communities we serve.  The ABS Code of Ethics defines the standards for its membership as we serve our communities through brachytherapy clinical practice, research and education initiatives.


Guidelines and Principles

  1. Patients must be informed about all their treatment options, treated with respect, dignity, compassion, confidentiality, and empathy with both the disease and the individual in mind.
  2. Promote and practice the culture of safety. Report to the appropriate authorities and inform the patient about any unexpected deviation or error.
  3. ABS members should treat all persons with dignity and respect. ABS members are expected to interact with professionalism, integrity, and mutual respect with all members and their support group (administration).
  4. ABS members should have the proper education, training, and proctors when performing procedures. Patients should be referred to colleagues and centers of excellence with confirmed expertise in areas where the member does not have sufficient experience. ABS members should inform their patients about the risk and benefits prior to the use of any devices, including off label devices.
  5. When involved in research or clinical trials, ABS members should focus on the accuracy of their methodology, statistical analysis, and legitimate patient selection prior to public disclosure. Patients must be consented and patient health information protected.
  6. It is the responsibility of the membership to hold each other accountable to the highest quality and standards.
  7. Financial conflicts of interest should be evaluated at all times and disclosed before entering into any agreement that could lead to inappropriate conduct or poor clinical, research, or educational activities.