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For Brachytherapy Dosimetrists

Welcome to the American Brachytherapy Society’s (ABS) Dosimetrist page!

The ABS is proud to offer a growing collection of brachytherapy resources for the medical dosimetrist / brachytherapy dosimetrist / RTT+ dosimetrist, and to provide a community to discuss our participation in brachytherapy procedures. This site is also dedicated to developing resources for sharing with one another.

The dosimetrist is an active participant in brachytherapy procedures. While the dosimetrists formal education includes competencies in brachytherapy treatment planning, the dosimetrist is also trained to perform additional duties beyond treatment planning.

Our hope is to provide a valuable platform that strengthens the medical dosimetrist / brachytherapy dosimetrist / RTT+ dosimetrist in the knowledge of the role that they can play in brachytherapy procedures, from applicator maintenance, QA, procedure participation, treatment planning, source handling / preparation, patient interactions and other duties as assigned by their workplace.


The medical dosimetrist is a crucial member of the radiation oncology team. After completing a baccalaureate degree, Medical Dosimetry further requires an educational program accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Practice Standards for the Medical Dosimetrist and the Scope of Practice of a Medical Dosimetrist is defined in American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD), an international society established to promote and support the Medical Dosimetry profession. The AAMD is committed to advancing the science, education, and professional practice of medical dosimetry.

The documents are developed jointly with American Association of Medical Dosimetrists (AAMD), American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), and American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO). Medical dosimetrist should be familiar with the scope of practice outlined in these professional documents, which describe the role of medical dosimetrist in brachytherapy procedures. Essential responsibility of the QMD is to generate radiation treatment plans, develop radiation dose calculations, communicate and supervise the treatment plan implementation, and consult with members of the radiation oncology team.

Below is the link to documents for the medical dosimetrist that provide a practice guide for medical dosimetrists.