How to Choose a Practitioner

It is very important that you are comfortable with your choice of brachytherapy practitioners. Following are suggested ways to find a practitioner in your region who best suits you. As always, don't hesitate to ask your doctor plenty of questions, or for references.

  1. See the links provided of lists of ABS member practitioners.
  2. Talk to your primary care physician for references to specialists in your area.
  3. Ask friends or colleagues who have had similar procedures for references.
  4. Visit the World Wide Web, there is plenty of good information from reputable sources including: the American Board of Medical Specialties, American Cancer Society, HealthScout, WebMD, and the US government sponsored health Web site.

Once you have contacted the specialist, ask questions! Ask about his or her training and background, his approach to overall treatment, and whether he is comfortable working closely with you and your primary care physician. Never forget it's your body, and you are the patient in this situation! If you are not comfortable with a practitioner, don't receive treatment from him because he was referred to you, or for any other reason. Keep looking until you find the right one for you.