Rutgers CINJ

Our Facility: 

Our facility is equipped with advanced radiation modalities including IMRT with IGRT, SBRT/SRS, proton therapy, Gamma Knife, and image guided HDR brachytherapy. We have a strong residency program with 8 residents rotating in both Newark and New Brunswick campuses. 


Fellowship Description:

The fellow may learn how to perform high-dose-rate brachytherapy procedures for the prostate gland, for the GYN tract including intracavitary (IC), interstitial (IS) and hybrid IC/IS HDR brachytherapy.

The fellow will spend a 2-month rotation with our brachytherapy fellowship trained faculty: Dr. Lara Hathout. 


Case volume:

 On average we have 2-3 cases (patients) per week. Our GYN volume ranges between 2 patients a month requiring interstitial HDR brachytherapy, 2 patients a month requiring IC brachytherapy. Our prostate volume is high with 1-2 HDR patients a month which could translate into 2-4 implants when using HDR monotherapy.

We also place fiducials and hydrogel spaceOAR on a regular basis (2-3 patients a week).


Resident Expectations and Learning Objectives:

  1. Performing IC HDR GYN brachytherapy independently
  2. Performing IS/IC HDR GYN and IS HDR (GYN/GU) brachytherapy with minimal assistance
  3. Placing fiducials and hydrogel spaceOAR transperineally independently.
  4. Learning the indications for IS and hybrid GYN HDR brachytherapy
  5. Learining the indications for HDR prostate as boost or monotherapy
  6. Managing acute side effects (bleeding, infection, perforation)

ABS Fellowship Application: Rutgers CINJ, HDR GYN and HDR Prostate

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