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"Good Catch' Series: Decoding Catheter and Needle Length Errors in Brachytherapy

As part of the ABS Standard, Quality, and Safety Council initiative to foster a culture of safety within the brachytherapy field, we are excited to announce the first episode of our 'Good Catch' podcast series. This is a series where we delve into the heart of quality and safety in brachytherapy.

In the “Good Catch” series, we will spotlight errors and near-miss cases shared with us from various institutions to bring forth conversations between physicians and physicists and discuss strategies to prevent potential errors and mistakes that may happen in typical brachytherapy clinical practices. We invite you to join us on this educational journey as we explore the potential of improving brachytherapy safety, one episode at a time.

If you have any errors or near-miss cases that you would like to share with us, we encourage you to send an email to y.jessica.huang@hci.utah.edu and/or ekidd@stanford.edu. Please rest assured that we will anonymize all case information, prioritizing confidentiality. Thank you for your consideration.


Brachytherapy 'Good Catch' Series: Decoding Catheter and Needle Length Errors in Brachytherapy

Episode 1

Join Dr. Jessica Huang from the University of Utah and her guests, Dr. Jay Shelton from Emory University, and Arjit Baghwala from Houston Methodist Hospital, as they engage in a dynamic discussion involving two distinct brachytherapy errors concerning catheter or needle lengths. In this episode, the panel discusses the potential pitfalls associated with needle or catheter insertions, while also sharing valuable insights into preventive measures. Tune in for a lively conversation on enhancing safety in brachytherapy practices.  

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