2022 Exhibitors

ABS would like to thank our Industry Partners for their continued support.

Bronze Level

AccuCARE by CIVCO Medical Solutions is a complete line of prostate treatment equipment and accessories designed for several ultrasound-guided transperineal or transrectal procedures such as brachytherapy, fiducial marker placement, template-guided biopsies, and cryotherapy. The AccuCARE line offers clinicians a range of equipment, including stabilizers that provide a secure, multi-directional base and steppers for real-time and pre-planned procedures. Visit CIVCO.com to learn more.


C4 Imaging
C4 Imaging develops innovative medical devices that enable clinicians to personalize patient care through accurate image-guided procedures. The company's core proprietary technology, C4, is a unique magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) agent that has been encapsulated within a variety of implantable, biocompatible shells.