Partnership Opportunities

Dear Prospective Industry Partner:

As we look ahead to 2023, we have an opportunity to learn from our experience and do things differently, and aspire to greater shared goals. ABS intends to work together with our industry partners to remain flexible and capable of adding new initiatives and re-prioritizing in ways that support our NEW strategic plan to help build a stronger community that will continue to connect you to knowledge, resources, and opportunities.

We hope you will join us at our 2023 annual conference in one of North America’s most favorite cities, Vancouver, BC, June 22-24, 2023! Industry Partners will get unprecedented value this year, with all the excitement and energy the opportunities listed in our sponsorship prospectus are just a start. We encourage you to be creative and let us know if your company has specific ideas they would like to explore. We love new ideas!

We realize that our Industry Partner Hall represents a major component of the meeting for most of our attendees. You and your visitors will have ample space to meet and discuss business, in a professional atmosphere. The Industry Partner Hall is adjacent to both the general session and concurrent room, and we will plan our food and beverage events within that space to attract attendees. This prospectus includes a floor plan of the Industry Partner Hall so that you will be able to select your booth, which we will allocate on a first-come, first-serve basis. Standard exhibits will be six-foot tabletops, as well as booths measuring both 8'x10' and 10' x10'

With our experienced Scientific Committee, we believe we have organized an excellent meeting that will provide our colleagues with important worldwide advances in brachytherapy. Again, this year, we will attempt to cover all aspects of brachytherapy in the lectures, panels, debates, poster sessions, and proffered paper sessions. We invite you to participate in this incredible gathering of worldwide leaders by providing a technical industry partner hall for review and evaluation of the products and services your company provides in the area of brachytherapy. If you have information that you wish to share with the leaders in brachytherapy, you will not want to miss this opportunity to showcase your company at this meeting. Please contact the ABS National Office at (703) 234-4085, for additional information. 

Peter J. Rossi, MD, FABS
President, American Brachytherapy Society

Detailed Floor Plan

For more information or questions, please contact ABS Executive Director, Melissa Pomerene (