Peter F. Orio III, DO, MS

Radiation oncology is a unique specialty that has demonstrated effectiveness and safety over many decades.  I am optimistic that its future has the promise of continued success, but only if we keep our specialty at the forefront of technical innovations in brachytherapy.  As members of the ABS, we have taken an oath to provide our cancer patients with novel approaches to improve their outcomes.  2020 has been an unprecedented year with the pandemic and we have seen drastic changes in reimbursement.  However, with all of us working together, great things will happen, and as Winston Churchill said once, “Never waste a good crisis”.  

I am pleased to announce that the 2021 American Brachytherapy Society’s Annual Meeting will be designed around the theme, “Innovations in a Time of Change". At this conference, we will provide physicians scientific data on the efficacy of novel brachytherapy approaches for all disease sites including alpha and beta particles that have recently arrived at our clinics. With a focus on today’s technology-driven landscape, we will provide the tools to help brachytherapists to commission these novel methods as a component of their care.

It is with great enthusiasm and anticipation that we invite you to attend the 2021 ABS Annual Meeting, from June 22-25, 2021. Dr. Kristin Bradley, our Scientific Program Chair, and Dr. Tim Showalter, Co-Chair, are putting together a very enriching and stimulating program focused on current and future brachytherapy innovations across all disease sites. I promise an exciting meeting where we will step out of established conventions and shake things up as we re-brand, re-message, and re-engage our proven treatments that have withstood the test of time. Hands-on Educational opportunities will be provided, along with interactive sessions with experts working through cases will be offered, multiple SAMs will be included free of charge, technologies will be showcased, controversy will be embraced, and fun will be had. We will highlight the Judith Stitt Best Abstract Awards in the plenary session. The Resident Travel Awards will continue to encourage resident involvement. Be prepared as this year is going to be one to remember!

We hope that you will join us in June 2021 for the ABS Annual Meeting. The meeting will offer a tremendous educational experience as well as a chance to re-connect to your colleagues. Let’s celebrate the theme of “Innovations in a Time of Change” and welcome 2021 with continued improvements and adaptations in the brachytherapy arena to further enhance cancer patient care and outcomes.  

Firas Mourtada, Ph.D.
President, American Brachytherapy Society