3 Month Low Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy Fellowship

The ABS is implementing a 10-year strategy called 300 in 10. The goal of this initiative is to ensure the training of 30 competent brachytherapists per year over the next 10 years through a multi-faceted approach including raising public awareness, working to change ACGME brachytherapy requirements, fostering advances in simulation training, developing brachytherapy curricula for residents, and establishing centers of excellence to augment brachytherapy training – in particular, 3-month brachytherapy fellowship opportunities.  The Chicago Prostate Cancer Center has been chosen by the ABS as the first site to offer the first 3-month LDR prostate brachytherapy experience as they have extensive experience.  We are offering 2 residents out of training, generously co-sponsored by Theragenics Corporation, an LDR prostate 3-month fellowship starting in July of 2019.  Residents will have hands on experience and will become proficient LDR brachytherapists once done.


  • This fellowship is designed to instruct physicians in the evolving techniques of low dose rate prostate brachytherapy. Basic instructions will be provided for the novice who has never performed this procedure, as well as, advanced training for those who have experience. Our intention is to match, then exceed, the physician’s experience level.
  • Training will include interactive lectures that challenge the attendee’s current concepts regarding prostate brachytherapy. Live patient interviews and case presentations will address the spectrum of patients suitable for this procedure.   
  • Additionally, much time will be devoted to live brachytherapy demonstration utilizing a pre-planned, preloaded needle technique.  Emphasis will be placed on progressive thinking and participants are encouraged to share ideas and clinical cases from their own practice. Special breakout sessions will be available for ultrasound volume studies, medical physics/dosimetry treatment planning and for patient management.
  • Finally, there will be an opportunity and expectation to participate in ongoing research projects within Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago’s research and education department.  Opportunities include data collection, literature review, abstract and manuscript writing focusing on cure rates and quality of life outcomes.


  • Approximately 7:00 am – 3:00 pm each day.
    • Monday:  Consultations, Follow-ups, Volume studies, Research, Physics
    • Tuesday: Implants, Consultations, Volume studies, follow-ups, physics
    • Wednesday: Implants, Consultations, follow-ups, physics
    • Thursday: Implants, Consultations, follow-ups, research
    • Friday: Implants, Consultations, follow-ups, physics


  • Identify clinical appropriateness (low, intermediate, high risk patients)
  • Identify and utilize the latest techniques
  • Realize the roles of each team member in the treatment process
  • Detail the risk and management of post implant complications
  • Explain the concept and importance of radiation safety
  • Participants will have the research opportunities


  • 3-month fellowship compensation: $18,000.00

Questions or concerns about fellowship details can be directed to:

Melissa Pomerene
Executive Director
American Brachytherapy Society

Your application should include the following: 

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Supporting letter from your department chair or program director
  • Personal statement describing your brachytherapy experience and future goals, including if you plan on implementing a prostate LDR program
    • Preference will be given to applicants who plan on starting a prostate brachytherapy practice as this is the primary goal of the 300 in 10 strategy.

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