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  • Free registration for two of your representatives for each tabletop or booth space purchased
  • A free pre-show registration mailing list for marketing purposes
  • Sponsor recognition the ABS Conference website
  • Sponsor recognition on ABS Sponsor slide show during walk-in and walk-out of the Opening and Closing Sessions
  • 24-hour security provided for exhibit area


Badges must be worn at all times. A specific exhibitor registration form will be sent with the space assignment notification. This form must be completed and returned to the ABS by  April 1, 2019.

Badges will allow admission into the exhibit hall during the official show hours and the educational sessions during the annual meeting. Anyone registering on-site must be a company representative.


Exhibit Size


6' tabletop exhibit
10'x 10' Booth

*Space is reserved once the application and payment are received


Mezzanine Level


  • Wednesday, June 12, 2019
    Set-up 1:00 pm; complete by 6:00 pm
  • Thursday, June 13, 2019
    Breakfast to 7:15 pm
    (approximate ending time; note Welcome Reception to be held in Exhibit
    area at conclusion of educational sessions).
  • Friday, June 14, 2019
    Breakfast to 6:00 pm
    (approximate ending time)
  • Saturday, June 15, 2019
    Breakfast to 12:00 pm (approximate ending time for meeting)
    Dismantling begins, complete tear-down by 4:00 PM

GES will provide all exhibit services. The exhibitor shall provide only the material and equipment that it owns and is to be used in its exhibit space. All other items are to be provided only the official service contractor. GES will have complete control of all dock and loading facilities and will receive and deliver all direct and advance shipments and provide all rigging, labor and equipment.

All services not ordered in advance must be obtained through GES, which will be maintained in the exhibit area on Wednesday during setup hours and Saturday to facilitate the move-out process.

An Exhibitor Service Kit link from GES containing order forms and information on furnishings, signs, accessories, electrical requirements, labor, drayage, shipping, audiovisual equipment, floral/plants, etc. will be e-mailed to you once they are available. Save money by placing your orders in advance.


Exhibitors intending to host entertainment or social functions must submit a written request to ABS for approval in advance. ABS will coordinate scheduling and space release for exhibitor functions ($500 per room release). No entertainment or social function may be scheduled to conflict with the official ABS scientific program or exhibit hours, or other official ABS functions. Invitations to off-site cultural events such as concerts, theater productions and museum events, are subject to the same restrictions.


There are many Sponsorship Opportunities to take advantage of to support the Annual Conference while gaining your organization more exposure with attendees. Opportunities include:

Morning Symposium - $12,000

  • 2 sessions available (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
  • Host a breakfast for all attendees during a “No Conflict Time.” This event will ensure great participation and appreciation from all meeting attendees. Sponsor receives recognition signage and acknowledgment at the event. Two exclusive opportunities available.
  • Sponsor to provide collateral for luncheon literature drop.
  • Logo inclusion in pre-event email blasts, on event website with hyperlink, onsite signage and recognition at the Symposium

Afternoon Symposium - $18,000

  • 2 sessions available (Thursday only)
  • Host a lunch in the exhibit hall for all attendees during a “No Conflict Time.” This event will ensure great participation and appreciation from all meeting attendees. Sponsor receives recognition signage and acknowledgment at the event. Two exclusive opportunity available.
  • Sponsor to provide collateral for luncheon literature drop.
  • Logo inclusion in pre-event email blasts, on event website with hyperlink, onsite signage and recognition at the Symposium

Exhibit Hall Break: $5,000

Reach conference attendees at the “No Conflict Time” exhibit hall refreshment breaks, on one of three days. Sponsor receives signage and acknowledgment at event. Five opportunities available.

Mobile Device Quick Charging Lounge: $3,000

Your corporate name, logo and short video (provided by vendor) displayed on a charging station allowing attendees to charge their laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices. One exclusive opportunity available.

Digital Branding Options: Increase brand awareness, tell your story. Let video walls and lighting elements deliver your message.
Click here to view these exciting sponsorship opportunities.

Digital Canvas: $3,000/Day (Scrolling texts interspersed 50% of time from dusk til dawn)

Welcome attendees with extremely large text messages scrolling on the façade of the hotel.

Scrolling texts can be a company name, welcome message or call to action

Marquee Display: $2,800/Day

Display your company logo, event banner and/or short impactful video to attendees. The marquee display is 35 feet wide by 15 feet high.

Main Registration Desk Video Wall: $3,000/Day (Your content runs exclusively 24 hours a day)

Welcome attendees when they check in with your logo, event banner or short video. This wall is six (6) monitors wide by (2) two monitors tall.

Seven (7) Lobby Art Walls: $5,000/Day. (Your content runs exclusively 24 hours a day)

Advertise your product while attendees network with associates in the lobby. Each lobby art wall has (2) two 46’ monitors mounted in large soft lit panels.

Elevator Lobby Video Wall: $3,000/Day

Advertise to attendees as they enter and exit the elevators. Ideal for logos, graphics and or short videos. The elevator lobby video wall is two (2) monitors wide by five (5) monitors tall.

Mezzanine Video Wall: $2,800/Day (Your content runs 12 – 22 hours a day)

Seen by ALL event attendees as they pick up their badges. Ideal for logos, graphics or short videos. The mezzanine video wall is four (4) monitors wide bye two (2) monitors tall.

Digital Canvas Lighting Options: $1,800/Day

The crown lights above the InterContinenetal sign on the hotel tower can be programmed to display your brand colors with animated effects. You can add complimentary colors on the Apex lights which beam vertically up the left and right sides of the hotel tower.

Rules and Regulations

The signed exhibit booth application and subsequent notice of space constitutes a contract between the American Brachytherapy Society and the exhibitor. The following rules are part of the contract. Any point not specifically covered by these rules is subject to the decision of the ABS, whose decision is final.

Terms of Payment:
Payment of booth rental must accompany the application. Applications will not be processed or assigned without the required payment.

Space Assignment:
Assignments will be made based upon the date the exhibit space application and payment are received. ABS reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments.

Cancellation Policy:
Exhibitors may cancel their exhibit space and receive a 50% refund of space payments providing ABS receives a written notice of such cancellation prior to April 30, 2019. There will be no refund of exhibit space payments for cancellations made on or after May 1, 2019 although the paid fee can be applied to exhibit at a future ABS annual meeting.

Eligibility for Exhibiting:
Any exhibitor whose proposed exhibit will enhance the educational and scientific goals of the ABS is encouraged to apply for space. ABS reserves the right to refuse rental of exhibit space to any company whose display of goods or services is not likely to be, in the opinion of ABS, compatible with the general character and objectives of the exhibition.

Requirements and Regulations:
No person, firm, or organization not having contracted with ABS for the occupancy of space in the exhibit hall will be permitted to display or demonstrate products, processes or services, solicit orders or distribute advertising materials in the exposition facility or elsewhere in the host hotel. Noncompliance with this regulation will result in the prompt removal of the offending person and property.
– All exhibits must conform to and enhance the professional, educational and instructional atmosphere of the meeting.
– Exposed parts of any display must be finished so as not be objectionable to other exhibitors of ABS.
– Exhibits must render a safe assembly during installation and dismantling and exhibition periods.
– Materials used in the exhibit hall must be flame retardant in accordance with the California electrical code.
– No part of the exhibit may be suspended from or attached to any part of the exposition facility.
– Devices/drugs awaiting FDA approval must be identified to ABS as such at the time of application for exhibit space.
– The exhibitor must, at his/her expense, maintain and keep the booth and exhibit in clean and good order.
– Exhibitors are not permitted to display products or conduct demonstrations in hotel suites/rooms regarding products.

Exhibit Space:
Standard tabletops are 6' long. Standard in-line spaces are 10' wide x 10' deep. The booth equipment package includes an 8' high back wall drape, 3' sidewall dividers, one identification sign bearing your company name, two plastic side chairs, one 6' draped table and one wastebasket. The tabletop exhibit package includes one 6' draped table, 1 wastebasket and two plastic side chairs.

(6') Standard tabletops are 6' long. Exhibit must be confined to the table. No aisle space is to be utilized.

In-line Exhibits:
(10'x10' or Multiples Thereof) The back one-half of the basic exhibit may be furnished up to a height of 8’. The front one-half of the rented space may be furnished from the floor up to a height of 4' and must be placed so as not to block the view of or impede the sight lines of adjacent exhibits.

Exhibitors may begin installing exhibits on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at approximately 1:00 pm. All installation must be complete by Wednesday, June 12, 2019 by  6:00 pm. All aisles must be cleared of exhibit material and crates. If setup of any exhibit has not started by 7:00 am on Thursday, June 13, ABS may order the exhibit to be set up and the exhibitor billed for any charges. After this hour no installation work will be allowed without special permission from ABS management. ABS will not be responsible for any damage incurred.

Badges are required for entry into the exhibit hall on installation days and may be obtained at the exhibitor registration beginning at 11:00 am on Wednesday, June 12. Because of safety considerations, no children under the age of 16 will be allowed on the exhibit hall floor during installation and dismantling.

The official (tentative) closing time for all technical exhibits is Saturday, June 15, 2019, at 12:00 pm. No packing of materials or equipment can begin until this time. By this agreement for booth rental the exhibitor agrees not to begin dismantling until the exhibit hall is officially closed. All exhibit material must be packed and ready for shipment by 11:00 pm, Saturday, June 9, 2018. If exhibits cannot be removed by 11:00 pm, special arrangements must be made. All material not called for by that time will be shipped at the exhibitor's expense by carrier selected by the official drayage contractor.

Service Contractor:
The ABS has contracted with GES for exhibition management. Service kits will be e-mailed to each exhibitor by GES, and all supplies for individual booths will be ordered through the official contractor. Use of an exhibitor appointed contractor (supplier other than the ABS-designated contractor) must be requested on the application for exhibit space, and a certificate of insurance must be forwarded to ABS management.

Labor Regulations:
Union labor claims jurisdiction for installation and dismantling labor as well as for all material handling services. Full-time employees of an exhibiting company are allowed to install and dismantle their own exhibit without assistance from the local trade unions. Any labor service that may be required beyond what your regular full-time employees can provide must be rendered by local authorized union personnel.

NOTE: The Exhibit Hall Ceiling Height Ranges between 13' 7" - 20' 8"

Registration and Fee for Additional Exhibitor Personnel:
Exhibitor registration will be open on Wednesday, June 12 from, 11:00 am-6:00 pm and Thursday, June 13, starting at 7:00 am. Each company may register two (2) people per tabletop or 10’ x 10' booth. The number of representatives exceeding two per tabletop or two per 8' x 10' space, must be registered at a fee of $250 per person (ABS will invoice post-meeting based on your final number of attending reps).

Attendance Badge Control/Exhibit Hall:
Exhibition hall attendance is restricted to qualified exhibitors and those certified by them and those covered under the ABS general registration procedures. The official badge must be worn whenever a representative of an exhibitor is in the exhibit hall. Badges are not to be defaced by inserting company cards or applying stick-on novelty items. Exhibitor badges are not to be issued to individuals who wish to gain admittance for the purpose of contacting other exhibitors.

Safety/Fire Codes:
Each exhibitor is responsible for compliance with all fire and safety codes established by the city of Miami and the InterContinental Miami Hotel. If inspection indicates that an exhibitor has neglected to comply with these regulations or otherwise incurs fire hazards, the right is reserved to cancel all of such part of the exhibit as may be irregular, at the exhibitor's expense.

No Smoking:
ABS has established a no-smoking policy for all of its meetings. As the exhibit hall is considered to be an integral part of the annual meeting, the no-smoking policy applies to the exhibit hall as well as the meeting rooms.

Security in the Exhibit Hall:
Security services will be provided by the ABS for the duration of the exhibition, but neither security service nor ABS nor GES will be responsible for loss or damage to any property for any cause. Each exhibitor must make provisions for safeguarding of its goods, materials, equipment and display at all times. Badges must be worn at all times to gain entry to the exhibit space. No one will be allowed in the exhibit hall after the published closing time without permission from ABS. No luggage will be allowed in the exhibit space during the entire show. ABS reserves the right to inspect any package, box, handbag, or other means of conveyance entering or leaving the show at any time.

Cancellation of Event:
In the event the exhibition is cancelled, or the exhibitor does not exhibit due to circumstances within the control of the ABS, the liability of the ABS will be limited to a refund of all money paid by the exhibitors for exhibit booth rental and registration fees.

Violation and Penalties:
Substantial violation of any of these rules and regulations by the exhibitor or its employees or agents may, at the option of the ABS management, forfeit the exhibitor's right to occupy exhibit space and such exhibitor shall forfeit to ABS all monies paid or due. Upon evidence of substantial violation, ABS may take possession of the space occupied by the exhibitor and remove all persons and goods. The exhibitors shall pay all expenses and damages that ABS may incur through the enforcement of this rule.

Amendments and General Supervision:
All exhibit matters and questions not covered in these rules and regulations are subject to the decision of ABS management. These rules and regulations may be amended at any time by ABS, and all amendments shall be equally binding on all parties. In the event of any amendment or addition to these rules and regulations, written notice will be given by ABS to such exhibitors as may be affected.